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Professional Bathroom Renovation Services In Sydney.

Introducing Our Bathroom Renovations Sydney.

We at HPG Solutions are dedicated to proving our Sydney bathroom renovations using planned remodeling and symmetrical project handling to make it worth your while.

Complete Bathroom Renovations include high-end consultation and picking the best plumbing services available in your area.

Bathroom Renovation ideas are all dependent on the types of addition and design required by the potential client. Such as, the procedure of installing the perfect tiling with decent-looking vanities and toilets could really spark up the aura of the bathroom.

renovated bathroom in Sydney, Australia
Fully renovated bathroom with bathtub and shower

Our Plan of Action for Sydney Bathroom Renovations

We adhere to the possibility of providing the best service using our diverse knowledge and experience in place. Our Plan-of-Action circulates around the budget set up by the client. We plan and make a list of possible designs and structures for quality bathroom renovations. Depending on the Budget, we ensure that our potential clients receive an extraordinary bathroom design with cost-cutting and modernized styling. Once the design and framework are finalized, our team experts will start the demolition or remodeling process; typically removing the old floorings, toilets, etc.

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How Do Bathroom Renovations Work?

Whether it’s small bathroom renovations or big ones, the working mechanism is pretty much the same. First, our team will decide on the type of style and design required by the client. Here are a few bathroom renovation designs;

  • Traditional Bathroom Renovations
  • Modern Bathroom Renovations
  • Italian Bathrooms
  • Craftsman-oriented Bathroom Renovations

At first, these designs are checked and ensured to be accurate in terms of serving the right purpose. Once done, accurate measurements are taken of different areas to allow access to fittings to be properly aligned and detailed.

After that, If there is a job of complete renovation from old to new, the demolition process is initiated, including disconnecting previous connections and removing all previous plumbing settings.

The settings and designs are then replaced by newer tilings, floor panels, Toilets, Vanities, etc.

How Long Does Bathroom Renovation Take?

The answer to this question is solely dependent on the size of remodeling required. Usually, for a regular-sized bathroom renovation, it can take approximately 2-3 weeks if done with the proper adjustment of piping and styling. However, things could be accelerated if there is an urgency for completion.

At HPG Solutions, our essential consent is making satisfactory progress for the client. Even if it takes us a while, we will ensure that you get the best of the best in terms of quality bathroom renovations.

Fully renovated modern bathroom
Married couple reviewing their domestic budget using a calculator and laptop

How much does Bathroom Renovations cost?

It all depends on the type of work required. Our process of progress begins by sitting down and discussing multiple factors with our respectable clients. In order to ensure a smooth and reliable bathroom renovation service, we note down the kind of style required by the customer. With that said, the budget and time of completion are decided with mutual cooperation. If you are looking to get a quote, give us a call.


The average cost of bathroom remodelling is around $100 to $300 per square foot, depending on the type of design and requirement of the client. For further consultation give us a call on 0423 309 441

Usually, a regular-sized bathroom renovation can take approximately 2-3 weeks if done with the proper adjustment of piping and styling. Larger remodels could be estimated at around 4-6 weeks easily.

Whether you are opting for a larger remodel or a small bathroom renovation, the cost will always be dependent on the type of service required. In order to get a finalized quote, try calling us.

We are here to help you out with everything concerning bathroom renovations. You can always find suitable designs and styles from our booklet of ideas or try finding a reliable fit on the internet. We will try to match the details as much as possible.

For a Bathroom Renovation in  Sydney, Narellan Vale, Camden, and Campbelltown service, we are always open to working efficiently. Our expert technicians can be hired instantly by calling 0423 309 441.



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