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Professional leaking tap repair services Sydney.

While the sound of a leaking tap can be hard to live with, the often-minor household repair can also lead to more serious problems such as flooding, excessive water bills and damage to a property. If a tap is constantly dripping or becomes hard to turn, contact HPG Solutions as soon as you notice the fault. We’ll send a tap repair plumber (Sydney and surrounds) as a priority to deliver a friendly and professional service Sydney property owners recommend!
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Our tap repair services.

Leaking taps

A leaking tap can escalate quickly from a simple drip to significant water damage. Call HPG Solutions to fix leaking taps before they cause flooding or impact the health of occupants.

Taps that don’t turn

If a leaking tap isn’t addressed, it can cause the taps to rust making them harder to turn on and off. Not only does this make simple tasks harder, but it can also increase water use and lead to costly repairs.
If your taps are showing signs of becoming stiff or hard to turn, an early fix can save time and money into the future.

Tap repair Sydney

If you’re in Sydney and notice the signs of a leaking or damaged tap, contact HPG Solutions for a priority service that stops leaking taps before they escalate.

What to do when you have a leaking tap.

While it can be tempting to try home solutions, we recommend you always call a tap repair plumber as soon as you notice the tap is leaking. Not only does this reduce the chance of more problems caused by inexperience, but it also means the leaking tap will be repaired quickly and without breaking the budget.
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Why choose us as your tap repair plumber?

HPG Solutions has over 16 years of experience as a Sydney tap plumber. With excellent local knowledge, we prioritize your leaking tap to offer a same day visit and repair where possible. Our fully stocked purpose-designed vans allow us to access the equipment and tools required to identify the cause of the leaking tap and, in most cases, replace or repair in just one visit. Call HPG Solutions today for an up-front quote for leaking tap repair today.

Reduce the risk of flooding and conserve water.

Call HPG Solutions for tap repairs in Sydney and the Blue Mountains today.

How do we fix your leaking tap?

Our sole purpose is to fix a problem with pure dedication so that you won’t have to face it again for a considerable amount of time. 

As a company of reliable plumbers, we are always available to provide a wide range of expertise in any water problem, including leaking tap repairs. Here are a few things that we perform with dedicated professionalism:

  • Full Valve Replacement
  • Valve Seat Repair
  • Ceramic Disc Analysis and Replacement
  • Gland Seal Adjustment or Replacement
  • Ceramic Cartridge Replacement
  • Rubber Seal Replacement
  • Disc Taps Repair

In order to ensure smooth water flow and zero dripping loss, our tap repair plumber will run complete diagnostics and fix the root of the problem.
Through this diagnostic procedure, our tap plumber will execute a complete rundown of inspection, figuring out whether there is a seal leakage or valve setting misplaced. After the cause is found, our personnel will replace any worn-out product and make sure that things last longer this time.


The problem could be anywhere depending on whether one has to replace the washer, seal, or valve. In order to fix a leaking tap, a keen understanding of ‘how the plumbing system works is required. If you have a leaking tap, consider calling us on this number 0423 309 441, we’ll be happy to help.

Leaking Tap Repair could be a hectic job if the problem is still unidentified. The cost of fixing a leaking tap could vary, starting from $100 to $250 for labor, depending on the size of work. However, if there is a piece replacement, there will be additional cost.

A tap repair can take approximately 1 to 3 hours, depending on the nature of the problem. However, the time duration could be minimized if there is just a minor issue.

For a Leaking Tap Repair Sydney or in the following suburbs; Narellan Vale, Camden, and Campbelltown service, we are always open to working efficiently. Our expert technicians can be hired instantly by calling 0423 309 441.