Hot water system replacement, installation and repair.

24/7 Hot water system repair Sydney wide

Until the shower runs cold or the dishwasher no longer works, you might not realize how much you rely on a fully functioning hot water system.

Raising standards in hot water repair, Sydney.

HPG Solutions provides a friendly and professional service to repair, replace, maintain or install some of the most popular brands of hot water systems in Sydney and surrounding areas. With over 16 year’s trusted experience, we understand the importance of efficient hot water systems. Whether you’ve noticed a hot water system leak, or you need a full system replacement, our team provides a professional, reputable service that keeps existing clients returning time and time again. Call HPG Solutions today for a competitively priced hot water repair service delivered by fully licensed and qualified plumbers.
a plumber installing a hot water tank outside a house in australia
a plumber connecting a hot water tank to water supply outside a house in Australia

Professional hot water system repair.

Our reputation has been built on reliability and competitive yet realistic pricing. We aim to minimize downtime and disruption to any home or business requiring hot water system repair. We take the time to get to know our clients and your systems to save time and improve our service every time we return.

Hot water systems services:

  • Hot water system service, installation and maintenance
  • Electric and gas hot water system repair
  • Hot water unit replacement
  • Repair hot water system where possible
a plumber carrying a hot water tank outside a house in Australia
a row of faucets

Storage and continuous flow systems.

Storage hot water systems heat and store water in an insulated cylinder. A continuous flow system heats water as required. We install, service and maintain both storage and continuous flow systems. We place a QR sticker on all newly installed hot water systems. We then utilise our cloud-based software to register assets for asset management. This increased visibility helps us easily identify, locate and view the service history of your hot water system to stay ahead of when maintenance and servicing are due to ensure longevity of your hot water system.

Hot water system repair or replacement.

Hot water systems have a realistic shelf life of between 10 and 15 years. When you choose HPG Solutions, we always try to salvage the existing hot water system where possible. If a hot water system is old or ageing, or hasn’t been properly maintained, frequent breakdowns can lead to increased water bills and hot water system replacement becomes the most cost-effective option.

Hot water system repair in Sydney and surrounding areas.

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Hot water repair

At HPG Solutions, we provide a priority service to get your hot water system up and running quickly and with minimal disruption. Our plumbers are experienced in the service, repair and installation of a range of hot water systems including electric, gas, solar and heat pump.