Blocked drain.

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While unpleasant for the household, if ignored, blocked drains can lead to more significant problems than a nasty smell throughout the property. At HPG Solutions, we take blocked drains seriously! With access to high-pressure water jets and CCTV drain cameras, we locate the cause of the blocked drain and clear the obstruction quickly and efficiently. Treating all blocked drains as a priority, our blocked drain plumbers utilise advanced technology to reduce the discomfort in the home and minimise the chance of more serious problems in the future.

Blocked toilet.

Blocked toilets are inconvenient but if not assessed by a blocked drain plumber can quickly lead to serious flooding, damage to the property and hygiene issues.
You can identify a blocked toilet in the early stages by:

  • Irregular noises after flushing
  • Water filling up the toilet bowl after flushing
  • Water not draining after flushing

Once you’ve identified the toilet blocked drain, contact HPG Solutions and we’ll prioritise your blocked toilet to avoid the risk of more significant problems in the future.

Prevent against blocked toilets by being aware of these possible causes:

  • Baby wipes
  • Hair
  • Foreign objects such as children’s toys
  • Older, damaged pipes
  • Hard water issues
  • Blockages in other water lines.

Blocked sink

In some cases, DIY methods to rectify a blocked sink can be highly effective depending on the cause. If the cause is more serious such as tree roots, pipes that have collapsed or unfamiliar objects in the pipes, you’ll need a blocked drain plumber with advanced equipment to locate the blockage and devise a solution.

Blocked shower drain

You can identify a blocked shower drain in three ways:

  • Nasty odours after a shower
  • Water that is slow to drain
  • Water in the shower tray after the tap has turned off.

If hair or soap scum are the cause, blocked shower drains can be rectified fairly easily. For more serious clogs, a blocked drain plumber will clear the obstruction to avoid flooding and damage to the property.

At HPG Solutions, our blocked drain plumbers are professional, friendly and treat your property with respect leaving no trace that we’ve attended your blocked drain.

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